Identity Management and Photography

I love shooting without a flash. So does Bob and he just published a good public service announcement for shooting without using a flash. (I do like that second shot of Mike a lot.)

There are a bunch of people in the greater identity management world who would consider themselves amateur photographers. I wonder if there is commonality of photography and IdM that practitioners of both find compelling.

From a content perspective, the aspects of a picture I take that I really like are, in some sense, a reflection of me. Maybe this photo/IdM thing comes back to relationships. We are looking for ourselves in our subjects.


A lovely dinner

Last night I had dinner with a cast of characters:

We grabbed a late batch of dim sum at Ton Kiang. Good stuff I have to say.

One of the things that Mark Mc and noticed was that the identity market is remarkably small. It is definitely a good thing that ex-Access360/IBM, Thor/Oracle, Waveset/Sun guys can break bread and have a laugh over the deals that we used to compete. It’s that (grudging, at times) comradery in this market that I love and it is one the things that makes Catalyst so much fun.