Photography class has come to a close

I just finished a very good intro to digital photography class at the US Department of Agriculture. (For those of outside DC, USDA has a killer language and other continuing education program here in DC.) I have uploaded most of the pictures from my final, a portfolio of the assignment I went on over the course of the class.

Fun thing to do on a snowy day

My friend, Nicole lectures up at American University. A few months ago I spoke to her graduate students on identity management issues. Today I did spoke with her juniors about reputation and identity. It is a funny thing what comes out of your mouth when you don’t have slides, have fifteen minutes to talk, and a very vast topic. My ramblings included:

  • an exploration of my wallet seeing what bits of identity I could find in there
  • a short talk on the REAL ID Act and some of its problems
  • which then lead to Jim Harper
  • I changed gears and talked about OpenID

Good fun on a snowy day.

Nicole has an amazing network of friends. Last week, Tom Kyte spoke to her class. He brought a camera to class and took pictures. I told the class since I didn’t have my camera with me I’d just blatantly link to Tom’s shots. Thanks Tom!
Tom's picture of Nicole's class

While I’m on the subject of photos, Nicole is a photographer as well. I love this shot…
Nicole's shot Machu Picchu

You can find more of her pictures here.

Frans Lanting on Life

I just heard Frans Lanting speak at National Geographic. He gave a quick tour of his recent project – Life: A Journey Through Time. The goal of the project was to take pictures of the past that can be found in today’s world. It was an ambitious project that took Frans seven years to complete. The photos are simply staggering.

One of the Life project’s branches is Life Music. Philip Glass wrote a score of a multimedia production of the project. Watching a bit of it made me think of Koyaanisqatsi. I haven’t watched that in a while… now an IMAX/HD version of that would be worth checking out.