Fun thing to do on a snowy day

My friend, Nicole lectures up at American University. A few months ago I spoke to her graduate students on identity management issues. Today I did spoke with her juniors about reputation and identity. It is a funny thing what comes out of your mouth when you don’t have slides, have fifteen minutes to talk, and a very vast topic. My ramblings included:

  • an exploration of my wallet seeing what bits of identity I could find in there
  • a short talk on the REAL ID Act and some of its problems
  • which then lead to Jim Harper
  • I changed gears and talked about OpenID

Good fun on a snowy day.

Nicole has an amazing network of friends. Last week, Tom Kyte spoke to her class. He brought a camera to class and took pictures. I told the class since I didn’t have my camera with me I’d just blatantly link to Tom’s shots. Thanks Tom!
Tom's picture of Nicole's class

While I’m on the subject of photos, Nicole is a photographer as well. I love this shot…
Nicole's shot Machu Picchu

You can find more of her pictures here.