Waiter – there’s no (more) identity in my blog

Sorry to interrupt you attempting to set you Facebook privacy settings, but I have to tell you something. I’ve got me a new blog over at Gartner. You can get all my rambling goodness on identity management related stuff over there. As for the rants about privacy, they are likely going to stay here, but you never can tell.

Also, I am thinking of building a new version of Privacy Mirror to use the graph API. Any one have feature requests?

T Minus 7 days to Catalyst EU

I’ve been a bit quiet on Tuesdaynight lately… sorry – it has been a bit crazy around here lately.

At any rate, we are 7 days away from Burton Group Catalyst EU! In the 7+ years that I’ve been involved in one way shape or form with Burton Group, I’ve never been to a Catalyst EU – so I am very excited. For those of you joining us, you are in for a treat – John Seely Brown will delivering the keynote for us. Besides Mr. Brown, the IdPS team has got some great content waiting for you:

  • Bob will kick things off with a look to the future identity architecture
  • I’ll be talking about the IdM market as a whole
  • Lori and I will have a serious conversation with our dear friend – provisioning

Fun for the whole family…

For those of you not heading to Prague, follow the conversation on Twitter. We’ll be using the #cat10 for the conference and the identity conversation will be on #idps.

See you there either in person or virtually…

Confirmation: HP to stop seeking new IdM customer

Bob, Lori, and Gerry at Burton Group have confirmed what I had heard only in rumor: HP is effectively pulling Identity Center from the market. It will continue to focus R&D on its existing Identity Center customer but will not be actively seeking new ones.I’d love to have seen what the business case was for HP’s original acquisitions into the space and then the analysis to make this decision. Tough choices.

Filling the holes: thoughts on an EMC/Courion combo

So RSA’s parent company, EMC has entered into agreement with Courion to offer Courion’s suite of products including:

  • PasswordCourier – password management
  • AccountCourier – user provisioning
  • RoleCourier – role engineering and management
  • ComplianceCourier – policy verification and self-assessment

This, as Ian Yip points out, does fill the gapping hole in the EMC/RSA identity management story left by Oracle purchasing Thor, RSA’s old user provisioning partner.

The other side of this equation is that Courion has lacked a web access management tool.  That is not to say that I think they truly needed one and I applaud Courion for sticking to their knitting and making a really great business/end-user focused suite.  But that being said, they are in Gartner’s leadership quadrant for user provisioning with the big boys, all of whom have WAC/WAM capabilities.  In a toe-to-toe fight against those guys I am sure there are cases where no having a WAM product has hurt them.  (Although people proclaim the identity management suite dead or at least a non-issue, I have to imagine that there are still RFPs out there looking for the whole enchilada no matter how poorly integrated it might be.)  This is the long way around to say that RSA Access Manager (Securant not to be confused with Securent – anyone else confused by this?) helps fill a hole in the Courion family of products.

All in all if EMC were to actually buy Courion, it would be too surprising.  At the very least, it wouldn’t increase employees’ commute to work too much…