D.C. to expand surveillance camera program

Even though DC faces a budget crisis and there are radical inequities in our public education system, the city is looking to expand its surveillance program. As I have mentioned before, there are strong evidence that CCTV surveillance doesn’t lower the crime rate and doesn’t add to the public good. Hopefully, the city council will put a stop to this but I doubt it will.

Photography in DC

10.imgp0289.3.jpgAs you probably know, I live in Washington DC.  I take photographs in DC as well.  We’ve got a few quirky rules here about that.  For example, if you are on National Park land, you cannot use any photographic equipment that touches the ground.  As you can imagine using tripods becomes a bit tricky.  But beyond that, I haven’t heard of many photographers getting harassed in the name of security, unlike Chicago and London.  Then I read this piece in the Post today.  Glad to see that Eleanor Holmes Norton getting involved.  Her Open Society with Security Act bill is certainly intriguing.