2 blogs with promise

Two friends of mine have finally decided to get blogging. Yes, I know that blogging seems passé to some of you out there, but it still has it purpose.

First up – Tuesdaynight’s very own Josh Nanberg has launched his eponymous blog. Josh is one of the few people I know who can

  • breakdown political messaging techniques in to something I can understand
  • cook a four course meal in a 1 course kitchen
  • reference deeply obscure music lyrics

all at the same time.

Next up – my friend and mentor, Rob Ciampa has decided to divert his seemingly boundless energies into a bit of blogging. Besides having an encyclopedic knowledge French wine, a photographic memory for menus, and a typical Boston potty-mouth, Rob is one of the best corporate marketers and channel managers I have ever met.

Admittedly neither blog has much content but I know these guys, and I know what’s to come. You’ll want to know it to.

Pickle notes

About a week ago, my mother-in-law showed me how to make refrigerator pickles. I just sampled the first batch. Notes:

  • Green beans worked really well
  • Pearl onions need more time – maybe a parboil
  • This hobby isn’t going to be healthy… which means it is a hobby I’ll need to keep up

More later.

Santa Fe wrap-up

I just got back from Santa Fe by way of the Catalyst conference. I spent a week with the in-laws and their families. I like Santa Fe. It is a great eating town.

  • I highly recommend Maria’s Kitchen at St. Francis and Cordova. Simply awesome grub.
  • The Dragon Room has reopened. It’s been renovated and lost a little bit of its local charm. Drinks are still good though.
  • Upper Crust – when you need great pizza and not good service.
  • I found The Shed to be a little disappointing this time. May just have been as we were eating towards the end of the night.

Back to work tomorrow… still no iPhone.IMGP0561.jpg