SMS (Short Message Sex)

As some of you already know, the newer Nokia cellphones in the US have SMS capabilities. SMS (short message service) is a wildly popular feature of European cellphone consumers. It is the ability to send short messages (creative naming) via your cellphone to another cellphone. In its full implementation, you can respond to messages on your phone too.

There are people on this list with such Nokia phones. They have been “testing” their capabilities. If you send a message from a Nokia phone to, say, an Ericsson, the receiver does not know where the message came from. Once that was discovered, it was a matter of time before messages like ,”urdburgalur-tay” started showing up in my phone’s inbox.

And then I hit on an idea. As you probably know, most of the really big inventions on the internet (streaming video for one) were to aid the adult content industry. I can see a whole warehouse full of college interns, looking to make a buck or two, typing in blandly sexual SMS notes, like “Oh, you make me so ho” (remember, these are short messages) to business men lost somewhere in Topeka as they peddle their useless fake vomit products. Now, as bandwidth on cellphones increase over time, we will be able to have richer messages in SMS… sort of porn-o-grams right to your phone.

Just remember you heard it here first.

I just got back from NYC. Hadn’t been there in a while and a buddy of mine’s surprise birthday party seemed like a good excuse. We went to a restaurant (Plataforma) where the waiters simply walk around with enormous skewers of meat and they carve off bits for you as they go by. I have not eaten so much flank steak, sirloin, and other random animal parts in a long long time.

Did you see the news? ( Looks like the Chimp-Elect’s Labor nomination has been hiring / harboring illegal aliens. Am I the only one that finds this funny?

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