Killeen, Texas

When I tell you that my meeting was on the corner of Tank Destroyer Blvd and Hell on Wheels Road, I’m not kidding. I love the Army. I really do. No other organization can spew sentences out with out using actual words, but instead, use acronyms. “The DOIMS ATS v7 could use RPM ASAP.” That ain’t English.

And now… I’m in LA. I won’t bore you with my usual anti-LA droning. I do have to share an experience of one of my coworkers. He was in a bar in downtown LA and couldn’t figure out why a part of the bar was roped off. A little while later, an older gent, surrounded by imporbably attractive women, entered the bar and was escorted to the roped off section. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Hugh Heffner, and his peeps. Apparently, he really does travel with Playmates, and they are attractive, even without the airbrushing.

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