And now it begins

It’s over. 2000. Done.

And what did we see in 2000? The usual mix of strife, hardship, and
joy. What didn’t we see? Flying cars, plane falling from the sky, mass
destruction. Personally, I am upset. If you look at things from the
50’s and their portrayal of the future, I want to know where my shiney
mylar suit is and my personal jet pack.

And what did the list see this year? The Season of Change was full upon
us this summer. People changed jobs, left for diferent coasts. We saw
a return of the Cavity Creeps. New Big Wong left a menu on my doorstep.
I saw the product called “Foaming Pipe Snake!” Learned of Dianne’s
flip-up headlights.

At any rate, I wish you all a great New Year. Let’s hope this one is
full of those utopian predictions from the 50’s.

Some of you might remember last year’s attempt on New Year’s Day to
break the Toledo Lounge record tab. This event will not take place this
year because simply, we can’t drink $1000 of liquor. However, this
Tuesday is on in full effect. See you then.

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