Now it is official: Oracle buys Bridgestream

The deal is done.  To Ed, Volker, and all my friends over at Bridgestream – a hearty congratulations.

I have to figure that people are going to start clamoring about market consolidation in the ERM space and it will reach a climax at Digital ID World just a few weeks away.  Anyone want to through a prediction of who the next ERM company to get acquired will be?

So Ron Rymon of Eurekify threw it out there:

 …As a whole, I believe that Role Management (the combination of RMM and RA) is BIGGER than Provisioning. So again, you only see the tip of the iceberg now.

I think we are going to mark 2007 as the year that a shift occurred in user provisioning.  It shifted from being an end in-and-of-itself to the vehicle for service delivery.  We’ll see.