Tuesdays on Tuesdaynight or Gartner buys Burton Group

So you’ve probably seen the news – Gartner is acquiring Burton Group. Looks like we’ll be kept whole in a variety of ways; see this note from Gene Hall. I’ll let you know more as I know.

This does bring the number of analyst firms focused on identity, privacy, and relationships down to a very small number. It will be interesting to watch how the market responds.

What is with Tuesdays in my life? 9/11 – a Tuesday. IBM buys Access360 on a Tuesday. Gartner buys Burton Group on a Tuesday. In keeping with this odd streak of Tuesdays, I think I’ll be at Toledo Lounge tonight – see you there?

One thought on “Tuesdays on Tuesdaynight or Gartner buys Burton Group”

  1. it is almost comical – you keep going to smaller firms, which soon enough gets gobbled up my industry giants. you need to start your own company! 🙂

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