Implication of the Red Sox winning

I have now seen the Sox win the World Series twice. (I also saw Bill Buckner do his thing as well. Yin and yang.) Can I still claim to be a “long suffering” Red Sox fan? Now that we’ve won twice in four years, what does this mean for the Sox Nation? If we cannot define ourselves using our suffering, our endless series of broken hearts, how can we define ourselves?

5 thoughts on “Implication of the Red Sox winning”

  1. We can now define ourselves as the team that has brought a great deal of suffering to the bronx. It always comes down to how much we despise the Yankees, even when we don’t face them in the playoffs.

  2. Steve, right on the money. I am a Sox fan living in NY so I constantly have to deal with annoying yankees fans jabbering on about their 26 world series and all that nonsense. When the sox won 4 in a row and took the series you’d better believe I was rubbing it in to all of my friends who are die hard yanks fans! Go Sox!

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