Oracle buys LogicalApps: Redux

Lori Rowland has posted an examination of the state of market given Oracle’s acquisition of LogicalApps. Her analysis of the impact of this acquisition to us independent controls management companies mirrors some of my thoughts on the matter. There was one thing that caught my eye. Lori writes:

There are obvious benefits to implementing Oracle and SAP’s controls management solutions to manage the respective environments. Who knows SAP SOD policies or sensitive transactions better than SAP, right?

Maybe not. I posit that the audit community (both internal and external auditors) have a better sense for what constitutes an SoD violation in their business context than ERP vendors do. Clearly, the ERP vendors know, from a functional stand-point, what each transaction and function does in their products. This enables them to build the “well, duh” SoD policies such as “flag everyone with SAP_ALL.” The “well, duh” SoD policies are the just the ante to play in the controls monitoring game. The meaningful, high value SoD policies come from the audit community and their years of lessons learned working across multiple industry verticals globally. It has yet to been if the ERP vendors will truly cater to this community’s needs. It is the greater audit community that Approva has sought to serve since day one and we’ll continue to do so. Viva independence!

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