Tractor Man avoids more jail time

In March of 2003, Dwayne Watson drove a tractor onto the National Mall.  He stayed, sitting on his John Deere, in a small pool in Constitutional Gardens… for 2 days.  Long story short SWAT team gets involved… blah, blah, blah… domestic terrorist… blah, blah,blah… caused lots of traffic in DC.  And it is for that last point that he was sent to jail.  You can read a more accurate portrayal of this in the Washington Post.

At the time, this story just cracked me up.  Living in DC in the center of all the hyped-up DHS bullshit, I found this tobacco farmer a refreshing change from the War on the Things Under the Bed.

Looks like Dwayne got a short sentence according to federal sentencing guidelines.  But to paraphrase the judge, there was little value to the public in sending Tractor Man back to jail.  For more see the Post.Continue enjoying your freedom Tractor Man!