Context and Intent: Nishant kicks the RBAC hornet’s nest

At the end of Tim Weil’s presentation on RBAC at Catalyst last month, Nishant asked a basic question: is the NSIT RBAC model sufficient and complete?  Not receiving a satisfactory answer, he has taken his question to the blogosphere.

Nishant’s question touches upon two of the hobgoblins of identity: context and intention.  I talked about issues of context years ago in an unrefined form.

This week I have been out here in Utah working at Burton Group’s headquarters trying to figure out what I will be researching in the coming quarters.  I have not found my research topics yet, but in conversations with the team it is becoming clear to me that lurking behind a lot of the topics we’d like to dig into are the problems of describing context and recognizing intentionality.  We’ll see what the coming months of research uncover.

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