“Tequila shot. Lemondrop. How YOU doin’?”

IMG_0310.JPGJust back from Playa Del Carmen.  Went on a quick vacation for my wife’s birthday.  We’ve been going to Playa on and off for five or so years.  It has changed big time over the years.  Playa’s gotten built up, lost a lot of its clunky charms, and become more, well, Cancun-like.  That being said there are still some great things about it – notably Hotel Basico.  Basico is both a hip design hotel and an unpretentious place to unwind.  It has about a dozen rooms which are deliberately spartan.  The real draw is the roof “pool” – consisting of a few hammocks, a few pool-side beds and two water tanks cum swimming pools.  Add a bar and a great kitchen cooking up fish tacos.  Top that off with a distinct lack of loud guests and you have the makings for a private penthouse experience that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Tourism is PDC’s major business and from all accounts business is good.  It’s just a little unnerving to hear “Tequila shot. Lemondrop. How YOU doin’?” yelled at you while you walk down the street.  Strangely, it felt like a Hong Kong evening on Nathan Road…

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