Fink & 10.4.9 Problem Solved!

We have a solution. The was that the 10.4.9 upgrade changes the Storable cpan module for Perl. The solution came from Peter Walsham at Axomic. I just tried it and it works. (Interesting to note that CPAN reported that my Storable module was version 2.15 before I tried this. Something must have been eaten in the OSX 10.4.9 upgrade.)

Thanks Pete!


We just encountered this on a 10.4.9 server

We managed to fix the problem by getting the latest version of Storable and installing it into:


Get the release from…

…as root do

tar -xvzf Storable-2.15.tar.gz
cd Storable-2.15
perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install


One thought on “Fink & 10.4.9 Problem Solved!”

  1. Simpler solution:
    sudo perl -MCPAN -e shell
    and then:
    force install Storable

    Thats it

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