A cycle is complete

Some how I feel that a cycle is complete. While I, a Penn grad, sit next
to the Superdome in New Orleans, where Syracuse is in the NCAA finals,
Josh, a Syracuse grad, sits at Penn enrolled as a grad student. Now, my
beloved Quakers lost to OSU, Sarah’s school, in the first round. The Pokes
then lost to Syracuse. (Giving up at 17 point lead, I might add.)

So a bunch of us went and saw the Gourds a few nights ago. All I can say
is that you have to see these guys in concert. Check out their schedule. Bluegrass,
country, disco, hip-hop, all merged into one dirt bag, porch sittin’,
gloppy glorious mess.

So, another Tuesday night is going to roll by without me in DC. I’m in New
Orleans for a conference. Sounds good… but I kinda hate traveling when I
really don’t know anyone where I am going. Thankfully, a good friend of
mine from Scotland live here; the bad news is… he and his wife are both
medical students.

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