1 out of 4… is bad!

Is it me? Is it Texas? Is it United? Is it global warming? Someone, please explain to me, how in four trips to Austin, I have been unhasseled and on-time just once!

Yes, I’m back in Texas… again. It was 97 degrees when I landed (landed late, did I mention that?) at 8:45pm.

The only plus to this trip is I am staying near the “Bat Bridge.” Austin has about a billion bats living underneath a major bridge in the city and at dusk they come flying out and take off for points unknown. I saw something about it on PBS… apparently the bats eating something like a million tons of bugs per night. Now… if we could only focus their energy on the W, I would sleep a lot better.

In other news, Gore is going to announce a real first. He is going to tap Sen. Lieberman from Connecticut as a running mate! That’s right kids, your Hebrew school fantasies are going true, there’s a Jew on the ticket! Oh, this is going to be a good presidential race! I can’t wait to hear the reaction from the farfarright.

On my most recent flight… well, the one before this Austin trip, I was sitting next to a reasonable fellow. He and I made the usual “we’re trapped here on this flying tube for a few hours, so we’ll make some idle banter to pass the time.” Things were going great until he fired up Napster, queued up about a billion mp3s, put on his headphones, and began to “sing” along. This guy sang like someone who hummed while eating. And he was loud… but here’s the scariest part – I didn’t do anything. Have I a) become to old to bother (jeez, 26), b) my taiji skills have progressed to the point that I simply let go of life’s daily annoyances, or c) am just too uptight to ask to someone to stop singing like a freakshow in a shower because I might offend them?

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