We make holes in teeth!

Raise your hand if you remember the Crest Team and the Cavity Creeps. We make holes in teeth! Are you gigling yet?

I don’t really have a lot to bather on about today…

… let’s see. Ah, music recommendation. Go and get Morphine’s The Night. It is an amazing sample of “low rock.” The first track, The Night, is a great mellow tune. The track Top Floor Bottom Buzzer is the perfect song to describe a party.

Oh yeah, I do have ranting material. Cute little Cuban boys get too much TV time. There are cute little kids getting killed in this country and around the world, but we don’t get news about them. We do get news about scary little white girls when they die, but then again, most little white girls’ mother’s don’t dress them up like dolls. Send the boy home with dad and be done with it.

In other news, it is IMF/World Bank time again. Want to smash up a Starbucks? Downtown is going to be a mess this week, thanks to thousands of protestors. There was once an IMF employee on the Tuesday Night List… interesting character. When it comes to that much money, no one is going to be happy. Forgiving Third World debt? Bono is sure into it.

Required reading: Read this linked article by Bill Joy. It is from the second most recent Wired magazine. This is a great piece on why humans might write themselves out of the future through missue of technology.

We make holes in teeth!

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