Loss of Legends

I’m in San Francisco this week. (I definitely recommend Cafe Bean on the corner of Jones and Sutter. great coffee. great internet access.)

Sergio, Josh, and I saw DJ Spooky this weekend at the Hirschorn Gallery. It was a very interesting show. He spliced down 3 hours of WD Griffith’s Birth of a National (silent propaganda file used by the KKK) into his own 1 hour
digital affair called Rebirth of a Nation. It was certainly a very unique show. Check out more on www.djspooky.com. He is a very bright guy (with a philosophy degree) and is exploring all sorts of ways people interact and how media plans a role in all that.

Josh and I happend to mention that both Leni Riefenstahl and Warren Zevon were both still alive… they both died over the weekend. Although I can say I am fan of Hilter, Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will is an amazing depiction of the Nurenburg Rallies.

Waven Zevon was a legend. He was one of the most amazing song writers the country ever produced. If you havent’ seen it, check out VH1’s Inside Out (a new show that just debut with Warren as the subject for its first episode.) This article has more on his and the show.

Well, that’s all from the corner of Jones and Sutter.

Is that Nile Rogers?

So, I admit it… I’m a punk. This should come as no surprise to anyone on the list… but I wanted to include an example of my punkedness…

I was on vacation last week. I sat around the house in a mumu and ate mallowmars, watched daytime TV, and scratched my self a lot. At any rate, I dropped the mumu and went to Toledo. Well on my way, Josh and co. show up. In Josh’s honor I put on Rapper’s Delight, which samples one of Josh’s clients… Nile Rogers. This is a source of much amusement. Imagine Josh’s boss, a Nice-Jewish-Boy from California, doing publicity for the man responsible for Le Freak, Good Times, and more. At any rate, a guy at the end of the bar perks up and asks, “Is this Nile Rogers?” A discussion ensues between the drunk patron, and Josh… we are not sure what is scarier: that someone could recognize Nile Rogers, or that Josh knows everything about him. Meanwhile, I was laughing my ass off.

Points to Jess for making a surprise out-of-town apperance.

As for this week, I’ll be out of town… in fact, I’ll be out of town for the next two weeks. However, that is no reason to start slacking off on your responsibilities… oh wait, never mind!