Times change – Toledo Lounge sold (but that’s okay)

As someone of you have already heard, the spiritual home of Tuesdaynight, Toledo Lounge, has been sold. After nearly 20 years Abbajay sisters have sold Toledo to the owners of the Black Squirrel. From reading this article, it sounds like things are going to pretty much stay the same at Toledo which is great news.

BTW – some of us will be at Toledo tonight to reminisce. Come join us!

D.C. to expand surveillance camera program

Even though DC faces a budget crisis and there are radical inequities in our public education system, the city is looking to expand its surveillance program. As I have mentioned before, there are strong evidence that CCTV surveillance doesn’t lower the crime rate and doesn’t add to the public good. Hopefully, the city council will put a stop to this but I doubt it will.