“Adult life begins in a child’s imagination, and we’ve relinquished that imagination to the marketplace.”

Following up on some earlier thoughts

I read a shortened form of this speech that Dana Gioia, chairman of the NEA, gave a Stanford’s commencement.

As a “content generator,” Kev Russell riffed on some of the same topics as well. I heard Kev once say that he never wanted to become a consumer; he always wanted to be a creator.

Santa Fe wrap-up

I just got back from Santa Fe by way of the Catalyst conference. I spent a week with the in-laws and their families. I like Santa Fe. It is a great eating town.

  • I highly recommend Maria’s Kitchen at St. Francis and Cordova. Simply awesome grub.
  • The Dragon Room has reopened. It’s been renovated and lost a little bit of its local charm. Drinks are still good though.
  • Upper Crust – when you need great pizza and not good service.
  • I found The Shed to be a little disappointing this time. May just have been as we were eating towards the end of the night.

Back to work tomorrow… still no iPhone.IMGP0561.jpg