In need of a new watering hole

It’s Catalyst season once again. And once again I’ll be holed up in the lovely Hilton on O’Farrell. This will be my fourth or fifth Catalyst and my umpteenth trip to San Francisco. And knowing a bit my readers, I know that this is pretty much the same for you too.

Having been to Catalyst this many times you end up in a bit of rut. Yes, having drinks at the Clift Hotel is always amusing. I mean, who doesn’t like the giant chair? I like the bar in the lobby of the Westin Saint Francis as well, but drinking into hotels is getting kinda tired.

Friends, Romans, traveling identity wonks – I ask you to open up your black books of travel and share with the class a suggestion or two for new places to have a drink.

I’ll throw two out to start.   I’ll start by saying, I’ve been to neither yet.  First, Bourbon & Branch seems interesting. I saw it on Gridskipper; anyone been there?  Second, Tunnel Top. Back when Tuesday Night was centered on the regular Tuesday Night beer at Toledo Lounge, there were actually two Tuesday Night factions.  When friends moved west, they started up Tuesday Night West in Tunnel Top.  They described the place as a yard sale with liquor, and let’s face it, that can’t be a bad thing.

See you in a few weeks.

3 thoughts on “In need of a new watering hole”

  1. I just got back from San Francisco. Tunnel Top definitely lived up to its billing. The greatest challenge will be walking back from it to the Hilton without falling off the top of the tunnel.

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