Tokyo smells great

I’ve been flying all around the world. I spent a few days in Sydney, which was awesome. I spent all of 36 hours in Tokyo which was very very cool. Tokyo smells great! Seriously – it does. You know how some cities just smell like poo and urine and cars and garbage and all sorts of other crap?

Tokyo smells really good. It smells like flowers and spices. Okay, there is the occasional smell of automobiles. But all in all, it smells very nice. A fragrant city.

I was nervous to go. Having just seen Lost in Translation, I was nervous. (BTW, it’s a great movie.) The Tokyo subway system is great once you figure out what on earth is going on. It makes NYC, Paris, London, Boston, and DC look like childs play. In fact, if you took all the previously mentioned cities, combined their subway systems, you still wouldn’t touch the vastness of Tokyo. I especially like the small female voice telling you what stop you were at.

As far as I can tell, Japanese does not stress sylables the was English does. The words are pronounced fairly flat. I was trying to go to Asakusa, which I pronounced AH-sa-KU-sa. That go me no where. However, trying to get to ah-sa-ku-sa worked just fine. Takes a little getting used to.