Sometimes you just don’t want to miss the opening act…

I’ve seen a lot of shows in my time, and I’ve seen some BAD opening acts…Jason and the Scorchers opening for Bob Dylan in 1989 come to mind…but how many people can say they had somebody referred to as “His holiness” open for you? No, this isn’t about Pope John Paul II opening for the smoothe 15th century stylin’s of W and the Republican party. Tuesday night favorite Tom Waits did a show a couple days ago and had “HH”, The Dalai Lama open for him. Link below goes to the review in the NY Times, but the best graf by far, referring to HH’s day beginning at 3:30 am…

“Tom Waits, who closed the show in his usual guise as a lowlife sage, wisecracked: “So his holiness goes to bed at 7:30? That’s not the holiness I used to know.””


Star Starts a Show; Tom Waits Ends It

Ian as Josh (IaJ)

The conversion process is a bit easier than I expected. However, I haven’t hooked Josh up with an account yet so I am going to move his stuff over from yahoogroups for him. This is not an attempt to steal his thunder… just borrow it and repackage it.

Replaying the goodies

Well I’m in the process of moving the old Tuesday Night posts from yahoogroups to blogspot. This may take a while… hang on, we’ll get there.