Fire Safety

When you have a fireplace, you must be careful with the fires you make.

Simple lesson.

I have a fireplace, well, two actually. I, therefore, must be doubly careful, which I am not.

It figures that having gone from two plumbing problems in my guest bathroom, I would end up with a fire that is trying its best not to stay in the fireplace. You know, the calming cracking of a fire, accented by an occasional pop. How calming. Unfortunately, I have some wood which doesn’t create those playful pops. It is more of a wood howitzer. I get occasional explosions of hot embers. There is the distinct smell of burning hair… my hair, but I am not sure if an ember hit me or not.
How calming. I have realized that the explosion of embers is actually nicely timed so that once I find a comfy place on couch, the fire explodes. How calming.

I am writing this upstairs, where I can hear both the downstairs explosions of my fireplace and the dripping of my broken faucet behind me. A wonderful symphony of home owner bliss.

Why I suck

As you may or may not know, Access360 has been acquired by IBM. I am at IBM training. In Chicago.

I am treating my time here at Big Blue like Jane Goodall among the apes. It is a social experiment. I am mezmerized by this whole affair, like a car wreck which involes my paycheck. Needless to say I have been preoccupied lately.

I have a serial number. 9A0919. Not an employee number. A serial number. It’s in hexidecimal. Not base 10, but base 16.

I have been reduced to a hex number, a cog, in a machine that is larger and more stable than most African nations.

I have just completed my first day of training. I find myself a) partially excited for the future and b) hankering for a fight.