Orgo Joko

My tour of the finer malls of America continues. I am at King of Prussia… again. I am staying at a different hotel. For $179 a night, I’d expect a lot more. No chocolates. No minibar. Nothing really fun at all. (Though I did just have a great Chicken Pot Pie.)

For those of you interested in real estate, I have sold my house… took about three days to get the offers and three more days to make it vaguely legal. So it looks like this will all work out after all. I’ll be moving into the Poo Poo Palace sometime in June.

Orgo joko? What? You’ve never seen a orgo joko festival? Well, trust me, don’t try searching the web for it… the best I could find is some random Polish web pages. And what is orgo joko? It is an old Basque wagon-lifting contest. These are the mysterious people who did in fact invent jai lai. (BTW, they also have a sport called aharitalka, which roughly translates into… wait for it… sheep fighting.)

It is nearly Passover. This came as quite a shock to me… I have lost all sense of time and especially those days related to Jewish holidays. Before cracking the Kedem with Elijah, you could have a drink with a different kind of visitor… Josh Nanberg. He’s back. Yes, he’s back and staying at my house. Still moving out, yes, but here for a visit. Hopefully, I’ll be back in DC tomorrow night in time for Tuesday Night at Toledo Lounge, but I know that Josh will be there.