Mummmeeeeeee, my hard drive’s stop breathing

Well it appears that my Mac is back. The Cube suffered a massive drive
failure which knocked me back a bit. Thankfully, a) I had a few backup
cds laying around and b) I could order parts and pieces 24 hours a day.

I had to replace my hard drive. Not a big deal, just kinda annoying.
What is a bit shocking is how incredible cheap storage is. I got a
100gig drive for $230… that is 5000x times bigger than the first hard
drive I ever had and cost half as much. I remember thinking that drives
were cheap when they were $1 per meg. They are slowly approaching $1
per gig!

The other aspect of this little affair that has got my attention is how
unearthly quite this new drive is. First off, the Cube doesn’t have a
fan. It is designed as a cute little chimney and all the heat rises and
cools the processor with need of a fan. It is rigged for silent
running. However, my old hard drive did produce some noise. Not much.
Just enough to know it was doing something. I could tell the difference
between the read and the write head being engaged. I was comfortable
with the little clicking it made.

Not any more. My new drive makes no sound. None. It has stopped
breathing and I can’t if it has amazing lung capacity or is, in fact,
dead. This is a bit unnerving. More than anything else, I can tell
what a machine is doing by its sound. This seems a bit wrong from a
computer… a car, okay, but a computer… seems a bit strange.

Enough with the food and drink

Now I know what Veruca Salt feels like. Yes, I’ve turned into a bloated blueberry-like bowling ball. For the last three weeks, I have done nothing but eat, sleep, and drink. I have eaten: goose liver, rabbit, lamb, grouse, cookies, cheese (cheddar, sex, brie), cheesecake, cow, and much much much much more. I have drank: red wine, beer, malt liquor, vodka (oh, so much vodka), tequila, sake, champagne, and much much much more. As for sleeping, I have been hibernating. In fact, I knew that I was going to be sleeping so much, I put in curtains in my bedroom to keep it darker.

I started to get concerned about my recent behavior when I woke up with my face in a 50 pound sack of U.N. AID rice and a bottle of Old English 800 in my hand.

Well, we have made it into 2002. The world is still in one piece, more or less. Hope all your New Year’s Eve plans were fun and exciting.

In other news, I have won the My Team game. It is over. I won when I was in Miami. I saw a big (6′ 1″, 225 lbs) black transvestite. It was wearing an appropriately large red unitard and carrying a tall walking stick whilst dragging its belongings in some roller luggage. The hair. Did I mention the hair? Bleach blond fro that put mine to shame.