The Season

Happy Post-Thanksgiving, Pre-Christmas!

I’m sorry, but I simply can’t get into the festive mood when it is 70
degrees out and there has even been rain, let alone snow, in a long
time. I mean, we just cooked lobster… outside… that is not winter
behavior, not at all.

I remember when I was younger and the news would report from this or
that mall, talking about the holiday crowds. Seems kinda silly now…
sure the economy is of great concern, but really, we have bigger things
to worry about than mall crowds.

George Harrison is dead. This is truly a sad thing. It think it is
touching that Apple has for the last few days had his picture on their
main page.
It amazes me that he was a little older than my dad. It can’t imagine
my dad hanging out with Ravi Shankar, taking acid, or writing

So, apparently, the last thing I wrote to inflict upon you was a flop.
Yeah, I agree it started well but ended poorly… ah well, they can’t
all be Pulitzer Prize material.