Hell’s Half Acre

I was going to talk to you about my recent experiences with acupuncture. It was quite an experience. Especially for someone who hates needles.

But for some reason, I don’t feel that funny.

I just had beers with the girl who started the Bad Season. Jen P. is much better after the bad season. She is living with her boyfriend, who despite all accounts, does in fact exist. We were remembering the Bad Season and that she started it with her boyfriend. Jeez, that was two years ago. The scars are still fresh.

There is an island off the coast of Maine called Hell’s Half Acre. It has about six trees on it. A bunch of huge boulders. The tide, in fact, separates some of those rocks from the island itself. The island is, not surprisingly, a half acre big. Hell’s Half Acre is somewhere between Mount Desert Island and Isle au Haut. You need sea kayak to get there.

I slept on one of those boulders many years ago. It was cold, even in summer. Some of us slept on this rock. We raced satellites. It was so clear that we could pick from a number of satellites. You simply chose the one you figured would cross the sky first.

Late that night or early that morning, someone woke me up. I believe it was a girl named Lindsey. She told me it was cold. Seems like an obvious thing to say. They, the other people on the rock, were heading back to the tents.

I, however, was resolve to sleep on the rock. Cold and all. The sky was so large so clear that I don’t think I have ever seen anything to rival it. But the tide had nearly swallowed the rock. I was cold; it was true.

And so there I tried to sleep, alone and cold. But no matter how hard I tried to sleep, I couldn’t. I was cold. But more than that, I was alone and cold. I made a decision. I acquiesced sometime around three in the morning, hopped off the rock, trudged to my tent, collapsed on three other people, and slept.

This is, I believe, is the Season of Great Decisions. We can stop kidding now. We can stop pretending now. We have been in “the real world” for long enough. We know ourselves well enough. And now it is time for decisions. Do we stick to jobs we hate? Do with stay in places that are unhealthy to us? Do with stay with people who are unhealthy for us? Yes, my friends, this is the Season of Great Decisions.

I am on the road. It gives me time to think. Sometime clearly, and sometime not. I have made a few decisions, though not Great ones. It is stupid to have and not to share. That is decision one. We all are endowed with more than we know what to do with. This is not a measure of wealth but of heart. Share it.

There is another Great Decision that weighs upon me. I am thinking of stopping The List. Three years is a long time. Maybe I am just fishing for compliments. Maybe I am tired. Maybe I am weak. But do you, each and every one of you care to be a part of my rants? I am think that this forum might be better suited just on the website, or not at all. I want your input.

This season has been named; you have been warned.

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