In Memorial

Besides all the clamor over memorials on the mall, military reshaping,
and jingoism, today serves a very important part in the identity of our
nation. Besdies the the commercializaton of history by the film
industry, today serves as a day to reflect within our own personal
context for things. It is a good time to ask your grandfather and
grandmother what happened from their perspective.

Of all the celebrations, I still think that Rolling Thunder is, far and
away, the most American, and most honest of celebrations.

In other news, Representative Joe Moakley has died. He served
Massachusetts and the nation for years and will be missed.

To change the subject completely, Joe and I were at lunch today on 17th
street. And there amidst very “out” people were two men having lunch.
Their were wearing military dress whites. (I think Navy to be exact.)
The first question was, are they dressing up or are the real thing.
I’ll let you come up with you own second, third, and fourth question.
Just remember, don’t ask, don’t tell.

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