Self-leveling Socks

I have a drawer of socks. (I’m sure that most of you have something similar as there are very few ways to store socks besides a drawer or possibly a basket.) I am puzzled, though, by this sock drawer and why I can’t seem to get all my socks in it and still close the drawer easily.

Socks are a convenient way, when packing a suitcase, to take up the spaces that occur in between shoes or in the corners of the case. Socks provide an ideal way to maximize every useful bit of storage in a suitcase.

But here’s the odd thing about socks and drawers, socks are not self-leveling. Unlike water, which if you put in a drawer, will find its own level. Socks simply do not level themselves out. So when you try and close your drawer of socks, it never closes easily. Some little bit of a sock you never wear is always sticking out in place or another.

Can you imagine a drawer of self-leveling socks such that when you put a sock in it, the drawer reorganizes itself to accommodate the socks perfectly ensuring that the drawer will close? Wow!

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