United Sucks (IaS)

After 4 flights on United in 7 days, I’ve almost had it with them. 4 hours
late out of Dulles for SFO, 1 1/2 to LA, and 2 back to SFO… They should
change their little saftey announcement to read “In the unlikely event of an
on-time departure, please do not be alarmed…” Unreal.

Usually, airports bring out the worst in people. But, this Friday night, I saw
the exact opposite. EVERYONE in the bar was delayed and had kind of come to
terms with that fact, so we all decided to just drink. As someone went to the
bathroom, whe he/she came back, we would get an update of who was delayed from
the flight status board.

The Sara Lee company has an interesting expense policy (several of there
employees were delayed in the bar) – no alcohol unless you have food with it.
So somewhere in Oakland is a woman with a receipt for about 20 beers and a
couple bags of pretzels.

Ian – After spending 1 night in a bar in Westwood, I now see why you despise LA
as much as you do, and I would like to go on record as an LA-Hater as well.

My Mistake

In the spirit of journalistic integrity, I must correct a previous post.

I can’t count. Simply, it boils down to that.

Scott is the third, not second moderator of Tuesday Night. The esteemed
co-founder of Tuesday Night, Mr. Nanberg, is the second moderator.

Other errors that have been in previous posts are corrected below:

  • Brian’s laptop did not actual go bang when he hooked up the xterm. It
    actually went ssssszzzzzpop!
  • There have never been sheep at Toledo Lounge.
  • The blonde… she was.
  • They really are fake… really.
  • Ted Kopple is not a robot.
  • Chris isn’t antisocial… he’s just misunderstood.
  • Ian, in fact, does pay for liquor at Toledo; he does not have a
    monthly tab.
  • No one has ever failed the jukebox test.
  • I will be in San Francisco this Tuesday (Ian as Scott)

    Yes, this is my first official duty as co-moderator, and I will be out
    West in San Fran, LA & Denver this week – ALL on United. 5 United
    flights in one week – if you add up all of the minutes, how late do you
    think I’ll be? Closest guess wins a beer (don’t cheat & look at the web

    Ian – I would like you to make good on the NJ comment and have to sit in
    5-6 miles of traffic for the Del Mem Bridge tonight like I had to do. So
    much fun to go 5 miles in just over a 1/2 hour…

    So another friend got married today. Ironically, it was in Red Bank, NJ –
    about 3 mins from the last wedding that I went to. I am not comfortable
    being able to find things in NJ without directions.

    This was the 4th wedding where it was a mix of a Jewish and non-Jewish
    pair. I must say – this is the best way to have a wedding. The ceremony
    was VERY short – and at this one, you could bring your drink to it, since
    there was a cocktail hour BEFORE the ceremony! A quick thanks be to god,
    some lines from the bible, and mazeltov – you’ve got a new couple! How
    cool is that?

    I don’t believe it

    I am, in fact, alive. Yes, I know, I forgot to send an email last week. I know that some of you suffered massive withdrawal… I heard the withdrawal Spendolini actually was twitching in his cube because he did not receive his email.

    So, to solve this problem of missing emails, I have made a decision… I am going to deputize someone. I am looking for one of you to step up and write an occasional email.

    * Must be willing to write an occasional email.
    * Must be funny or insane or both
    * Applicants do not have to have ever been to Toledo Lounge (this puts people like… Beth Tritter or Sergio Leunissen in the running)

    Benefits Include:
    * Coveted “Moderator” status
    * A small electronic soapbox from which you can babble
    * A captive audience

    How do I apply? Just send me a sample rant and I’ll go from there…

    In other news…
    What a week? What on earth is wrong with humanity? Bombings? Rioting? The new Fall TV lineup? Is it too much to ask to live comfortably and let your neighbor do so too?

    I had a good flight on United… okay, granted this isn’t a big deal compared to rioting in Israel, but hey, I’m on a plane way too much right now.

    Okay, so I won’t be around this week… or possibly next week… and definitely not the week after… but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to Toledo. Kudos to Skippy, Fitz, and XMan for going to Toledo last week.