Paradise and Super Paradise

First, I have to apologize for the late email from Josh, which was my fault. He actually wrote it on the right day, but due to a minor administrative goof, it did not get approved until I got back. Thanks to him for writing something in my absence.

Second, the trip was great. Istanbul is amazing. There is nothing like sitting on the deck of a ship under a full moon, surrounded by Asia on one side, Europe on another, and minarets everywhere you look. Besides the Greece/Turkey phase of the trip, I was in Italy in a town called Casino di Terra. The town wasn’t much to speak of, but the villa rocked! Next September, I am definitely going back there… assuming the Sergio has the space for me. On to Paris from there… I really enjoyed Paris this time. I think that has to do with the fact that I have an income now. I don’t think Paris is a really backpacker friendly town… but with a little cash in pocket and a good exchange rate, Paris rocks! When you see them… ask Skippy and/or Fitz about dancing on the bar at a place called Manneken Pis (literally mannequin piss.)

So what’s with the email’s tittle? The two major nude beaches on Mykonos are Paradise and Super Paradise. I leave it to you to figure out which one is the gay nude beach. (Trust me… it isn’t to hard to figure out.)

To be filed under Season of Change:

* Mr. Nanberg is back on the East Coast. He is working (again) from Richard (?!) doing radio work for Hillary’s campaign. I think he is living with family in NYC. There is now a good chance that there will be a Tuesday Night Live from New York City.

* Some of you might already know this but, I am leaving Oracle. No, really, I am. After 4 1/4 years, the time feels right for a change. I will be staying in DC. I will continue to call on the Federal government as my customers. I’d be happy to tell you all the details tomorrow night.