“The blonde… she was”

Okay, so the above subject line is only funny to about three people on this… but since they have just been added back to the list I figured I’d make them welcome.

I want to explain why I sent around the seemingly silly little color-based personality test. I took it… it scared me. It was eerily accurate; in the same way that the psychic above Toledo Lounge was accurate to the point I am never going back there.

So I did the most domesticated thing I have ever done this weekend… I bought a vacuum cleaner. This thing is an f’in machine! Now, my place is a breeding ground for dust bunnies, and I ain’t talking about some small little glob of hair, I’m talking about huge Hugo-sized dust balls that roam from room to room making a noise that sounds something like a billiard ball rolling over wood. I now possess a dust bunny slayer. I worked up a sweat vacuuming… it’s a full-on work out.

In other news… a restaurant review: DC Coast
I went to DC Coast last week with a buddy of mine who used to live here and was back on expense account. Before we had ordered food, we ordered about $150 in wine. You’d expect for that much coin there would be some asskissing going on… there wasn’t. The food was great. During the week, DC Coast closes at 10:30… a bit early, and when they say they close, they mean it. My friend and I were sitting enjoying the last glass of wine, talking, when the waiter, looking at his watch, asked if we wanted dessert… we put him off. A bit later, he snuck in behind me and took the candle off the table to hasten our departure! This was over the top. For a $250 dinner, I expect a heck of a lot better service… thank god I wasn’t paying.

Let’s go Big Train

So on Saturday, Fitz, Millinger, and few other folks (including myself) went to see the Bethesda Big Train play the Reston hawks in a sub-Farm League baseball game. A good time was had by all… without beer! Highlights included the manager for Reston getting sent to the showers… but of course there is no real locker room to be sent to, so he had to walk back through the stadium and out the main gate. Other highlights include hundreds of children swarming around Josh’s car when a foul ball nearly based in his windshield.

On the subject of the Season of Change we have more people to add to the list. Ev is heading off for SF soon. Melissa is heading to Duke to get an MBA… DC really is just a rest stop in people’s lives.

The following is an email the Viv sent me, giving me instructions on how to take care of her pet hairball… guinea pig… hamster… whatever. I include it because it is pretty damned funny.

At any rate, I’ll see you tomorrow,


From Viv:
ok, here’s the schedule:

Friday morning – give him lettuce, hay, carrots, and pellets
Friday night – give him lettuce, hay, carrots, pellets, and hugs
Saturday morning – give him lettuce, hay, carrots, pellets, hugs, kisses, and little scratches on the head
Saturday afternoon – spend 1 hour scratching his little fuzzy head. Play Satchmo for him – he likes dancing to it.
Saturday night – give him lettuce, hay, carrots, pellets, hugs, kisses, little scratches on the head, and play helicopter with him
Saturday at 2 in the morning – stumble into the apartment in stilettos as if drunk – that way, he’ll miss me less
Sunday morning – give him lettuce, hay, carrots, pellets, hugs, kisses, little scratches on the head, play helicopter with him, and take him to church – he likes to hear the bells toll, and they help cure the hangover
Sunday noon – take him to Kramer’s for brunch – he like the salad. Order a bloody mary for yourself – to cure the hangover

“All I want to do is thank you, even though…”

… I don’t know who you are.
You let me change lanes,
while I was driving in my car.

The previous lyrics are by a guy named Geggy Tah in his song “Whoever You Are.” I think that verse could become the anthem for the Beltway.

Scary News:
1) Tuesday Night West has been formed under the watchful liver of Todd and Josh. What’s scarier still is that there are already members. Even scarier than that, it looks like I am going to make to two Tuesdays in SF next month. Yikes!

2) I may be wrong about this one. I got a brief glimpse at the 7-11 ad that was really scary. Apparently, 7-11 has new Slurpee technology they are trying to get adopted… a multichambered Slurpee cup! From what I saw they have come up with a large Slurpee cup that has three chambers so that you can make sure that the Slurpee flavors you squish into your cup don’t mix! Doesn’t everyone know that a majority of the fun with Slurpee is coming up with odd combinations like Coke – Pina Colada – Banana*? This kind of unwanted Slurpee innovation is set to shake the foundations of Slurpeedom… sheer madness!

* This Slurpee flavor combination is, in no way, endorsed by Tuesday Night Inc.

As American as…

… Pride Weekend in Columbus, OH. I’m serious about this one. Think about. What is typically held up as American: Mom and apple pie. Everyone has a mom, even anarchists (or antichrists). So there’s nothing inherently American about Mom… sorry. As for apple pie, the British do it quite well as, I am sure, other peoples.

So what then is American? Pride Weekend in Columbus, OH (where Brian happened to be.) Think about. The right to gather peacably. That one is very American. The freedom from any sort of persecution. That one is American.

Happy 4th of Jell-O to you all. I made the mistake of biking by the Mall yesterday… not smart. Every corn fed tourist from here to Sioux City was strolling about: scratching, jiggling, and pointing. I don’t think that DC is the greatest place in the USA to spend the 4th. It’s hot and muggy. There are hundreds of other tourist just like you… ogling at cheap T-shirts.

So, Mr. Crabby, where is a good place to spend the 4th? Lake Placid, NY is certainly one. There’s a hill over looking the lake, where you can sit and watch the fireworks. Boston is another. There is nothing better than sitting on the Esplanade, hearing the Pops, and watching the fireworks that were donated by Jessica’s boss. Finally, I think I would like to spend the 4th is a small town in Oklahoma or Nebraska; I think that would be neat. Get some real home cooking, go to the local baseball park and watch some small tasteful fireworks display… that is American.

In other news: Brian made it to San Francisco, bringing the count of Tuesday West up. I saw Chicken Run with Viv… go see it, very fun. Don’t see it, however, with Viv, who has been clucking like a chicken for the last few days.