Things to do in Denver (and Fort Worth) when you’re dead…


You know, its never a good thing that my roommate finds out where I am from Skippy who called me looking for my roommate… if you can parse that sentence, you’re sicker than I am.

Any rate… I’m back. I spent a few days in Austin… not a bad town, lots ‘o music.

I spent a week in Denver… skiing wasn’t so good. There was only 30″ on the ground at Copper Mountain. But, heck, I never skied out there before. If you are traveling to Denver (specifically you Oracle folks) do not stay the Hyatt Regency in the Tech Center. The walls are paper thin… one night, my next door neighbors where having their company holiday party. At 12:45am they decided to come back from the party and start yelling at each other in the way completely unique to twenty-something drunken men… even with three pillows on my head, I couldn’t block it out. It was the closest I have ever come to knocking on the door and beating the shit out of whomever opened it. I did learn some interesting things about my neighbors: the loudest one, Josh, weighed about 300 pounds and lost his virginity at age 20. These were not things I needed to hear at one in the morning.

From Denver, I flew to Fort Worth. Most people fly into DFW and then keep flying… I, like a fool, got out of the airport… big mistake. Fort Worth has undergone, apparently, a huge amount of urban renewal. But not matter how much urban renewal you have undergone, when the big event of the season is your annual Stock Show (with great events for the kids) you can’t really be a respectable urban area. While in Fort Worth, I was working on the 25th floor of the a building. Okay, DC residents, when was the last time you were on the 25th floor on anything? I could see the Dallas sprawl… what an inspired view.

Booze Nooze You Can Yooze…
In Denver, check out the Wynkoop Brewery in LoDo. I recommend the Elk Medallions to eat and the Artillery Ale and Scottish Ale to drink… great beer!

In Fort Worth, check out the The Grape Escape and the Flying Saucer. The Grape Escape is a good wine bar that sells flights of wines… the food is light, which is good compared the rest of the standard Texas-fare. The Flying Saucer is an amazing beer hall… great stuff on tap, great stuff in bottles. It’s a lot like The Brickskellar, but I wouldn’t be as afraid to eat the food.

Is that Nile Rogers?

So, I admit it… I’m a punk. This should come as no surprise to anyone on the list… but I wanted to include an example of my punkedness…

I was on vacation last week. I sat around the house in a mumu and ate mallowmars, watched daytime TV, and scratched my self a lot. At any rate, I dropped the mumu and went to Toledo. Well on my way, Josh and co. show up. In Josh’s honor I put on Rapper’s Delight, which samples one of Josh’s clients… Nile Rogers. This is a source of much amusement. Imagine Josh’s boss, a Nice-Jewish-Boy from California, doing publicity for the man responsible for Le Freak, Good Times, and more. At any rate, a guy at the end of the bar perks up and asks, “Is this Nile Rogers?” A discussion ensues between the drunk patron, and Josh… we are not sure what is scarier: that someone could recognize Nile Rogers, or that Josh knows everything about him. Meanwhile, I was laughing my ass off.

Points to Jess for making a surprise out-of-town apperance.

As for this week, I’ll be out of town… in fact, I’ll be out of town for the next two weeks. However, that is no reason to start slacking off on your responsibilities… oh wait, never mind!

It can’t be done…

… not easily at least.

7 people… total tab $152. We had some road blocks: no kitchen, not
many people, not a lot of time. Roughly, one page of a tab equates to
$50. Kudos to Josh, KC, Viv, Ev, Lisa (out of town liver in the house),
and Di for comin’ down and trying to break the tab.

Well, we made it. Nobody got blow’d up. Nothing broke. New Year’s
passed as we had hoped, quitely. In fact, this New Year’s will go down
as one of the most quite over-hyped events in recent history… that and
any of the Holyfield – Lewis fights.