Ho ho oh

Hope you had a) a great weekend and/or b) a merry Christmas.

Not a lot to report from my end. Last week, Dianne braved the cold to come to Toledo… kudos to her.

I doubt that many/any of you around for tomorrow, but tomorrow night is the first night of my vacation, so I will be there.

But I do want to spent a moment on this Saturday – Break the Tab Day. So, Chris has asked what exactly is the tab? Well, the record holding tab is $950…give or take a buck or two. It wasn’t so much a bar tab, but a party. I have done a bit of math and here’s what I come up with. There are about 40 people on the list. That means that each member of the list must drink $24 worth of liquor or eat some amount of food to make up for their shortfall. Now, there are members of the list who went to Syracuse and thus can be counted on for more booze than the rest of us. So let’s say we target $5 per person. But, Ian, you say, I can’t drink that much… rubbish! Of course you can… if you pace yourself. The idea is to get to Toledo around 4 and drink slowly and consistently throughout the day and night… we can do this! BUT, there is a real problem here. The problem is that we are known at Toledo. Suzie, bless her soul, gives us a lot more drink that we pay for. My concern is that being undercharged will hurt our attempt at the record.

So let’s break it down for the home audience:

  • $25 per person in food and/or alcohol… roughly 5 drinks… well 6 or 7 if you take into accoun the Suzie factor
  • Spread over 6 to 8 hours (from 4pm to whenever)
  • That’s about a drink and hour… see, this is a piece of cake.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

So on Sunday, I was a big lump and was strewn about the sofa watching TV. The Muppet Christmas Carol was on and I caught the tail end of it… long enough to see something that worried me. Kermit the Frog, playing Bob Cratchet, and his blushing bride, Miss Piggy (if she’s married why is she Miss?) have children… a veritable posse of small frogs and small pigs. My question is where were the progs and the frigglets? I mean, I can suspend disbelief as much as the next Muppet fan, but I mean where were the green bacon flavored creatures?

Oh, yeah, I forgot the other scary thing in the movie. Towards the end, as we all know, Scrooge buys the prize turkey from the butcher and delivers it to Bob Cratchet. But, OH MY GOD, in the Muppet version of this, the have a stuffed and cooked Big Bird on a trolley deliver to Kermit. THEY KILLED BIG BIRD!!!