By the time we got to Woodstock (Ian as Josh)

So Ian’s out of town again, which puts me back in charge of this little

This weekend I ended up in, of all places, Woodstock, which resulted in
several observations.

1) Woodstock is not what it once was…or at least it’s not what I
understand it to have been. For starters, there should be no food

2) Kids these days (wow do I sound old) are really angry. Hence, Limp
Bizkit and Korn were huge, as was Rage Against the Machine…I just
don’t understand what a bunch of kids who paid $150 for a ticket,
andother couple hundred bones for a prime camping location, and then
drove up there in their SUV’s to pay $7 for a burger can be so angry

3) A lot of these kids have no problem walking around naked…but to
show their freedom like at the original…just becaust they thought it
might be cool.

4) When almost a quater million people are drunk, stoned, and burning
stuuff, it’s time to go home.

4a.) Unless you;re the Red Hot CHili Peppers, in which case you start to
play “Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire”

4b) If you;re the bass player for said Red Hot CHili Peppers, it’s OK to
do your entire set naked, because your bass covers most of the crucial

5) There probably shouldn’t be another one of these.

6) The guy that plays Mini-Me (some people laugh, others need an
explanation) is really, really, really little.

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