I’m Not Going to Rant

I’m not going to do it… I am not going to waste valuable calories typing on
and on about Valentines Day: The Global Conspiracy between Hallmark and FTD…
I won’t even blabber on about how Fox is one of the smartest networks in the
world: see how they have strung along viewers of the X-Files for years.

No, I won’t be ranting today.

Instead, I will let musician Lou Reed rant for me. Check out
http://www.loureed.org/news/index.html A great rant about the whole
impeachment thing.

There is a disturbing trend I need to inform you about… Toledo seems to be
closing early. Apparently, written somewhere behind the bar is an equation
which factors in the number of people working versus the number of patrons in
the bar. This equation is a profitability equation… and I am here to tell
you that the last two weeks Toledo Lounge closed early b/c their magical
equation told them to. I take a bit of blame for this… I have been
unavailable for the last two weeks.

So, let’s try to put some bodies in Toledo Lounge on Tuesday around 9.

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